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Mercury Racing® has expanded the pitch range of its popular Revolution 4® XP propeller line, investing in a new base casting that will be used to produce this high-performance prop in a 15-inch diameter and pitches of 26.0, 26.5, 27.0 and 27.5 inches. This new casting will be used to replace the current 14.63-inch-diameter Revolution 4 XP at 26.0- and 26.5-inch pitch sizes. 

“The latest high-performance center-console boats, paired with multiple Mercury Racing 400R and 450R outboards, are requiring a taller pitch propeller due to the speeds being achieved,” said Mercury Racing Performance Propeller Manager Nick Petersen. “They are running right to the rev limiter. This new propeller offering will open the speed range for customers that prefer the design of the Rev 4. A boat that’s now out of rpm at 86 mph may be able to reach 90 mph without hitting the rev limiter.”

The Revolution 4 XP propeller has many applications, but is especially effective when dialing in multi-engine, stepped-bottom performance center-console boats and single-engine bay boats. The Revolution 4 XP helps lift these stern-heavy boats on plane because its long barrel length acts like a miniature trim tab and provides stern lift at speed for ideal angle of attack and an improved ride in a variety of conditions. Each of its four blades has ample tip cup for bow lift and excellent handling through turns and rough seas. In most applications, the Revolution 4 XP offers more stern lift than the Mercury Racing Bravo I® FS, and better top-end speed than the Mercury Racing Enertia® ECO XP propeller. 

The Mercury Racing Revolution 4 XP prop is offered in left- and right-hand rotation, from 13 pitch to 27.5 pitch, in standard Pro Finish, or for ultimate performance, Lab Finish and Lab Satin Finish. This prop utilizes either the Flo-Torq® SSR HD hub kit for applications under 65 mph or the solid steel Flo-Torq HD hub kit for applications above 65 mph.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please call us at: 508-540-0877