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Green Pond Yacht Club: 50 years in the making.

In the mid to late 60’s, as Joe and Esther spent more time in Florida, Bill continued to increase the house and business.  Green Pond Seafood was now Green Pond Tackle Inc. and became “the place to go for tackle and the weighing in of fish”.  Over the years even a few world record fish were weighed in here!

In 1978, Bill and Suzie bought the adjacent property and Bill more than doubled the size of the marina, expanding to accommodate a total of 75 boats.

In 1982, approval for the zoning change, from residential to marine was obtained.   Many physical changes were done, the lot filled and used for parking, the fences taken down and an entrance and exit on Acapesket Road added.

In 1984 Bill sold the tackle and fish market.

In 1994, the entire inside of the building was renovated into a complete fish market selling fish, lobsters and of course, stuffed quahogs are now known far and wide as the “Green Pond Stuffer”.

In 1996, Bill’s health became an issue they had to make a decision—it was time to sell and retire.  There were several people interested in buying the property, but only one really stepped up to the plate–Harry Turner.  Bill knew Harry well and knew him to be a successful businessman and someone who had the ability to take the place to the next level.

In 2000, Harry bought the property in its entirety.  The Bauknecht’s retired and built a new house right around the corner on Bridge Street where they continue to live and keep a watchful eye on their home and business property of nearly 40 years.

Beginning in 2001, Harry continued making changes and enhancements to the property including installing new docks, constructing a two-story mechanic’s garage, renovating and updating the offices, and growing the tackle and seafood operations. The house itself was used by Harry for many family gatherings, celebrations, and cookouts during which time his businesses continued to grow and develop.

In 2010 after successfully running Green Pond Tackle & Marina, including continuing to offer the “Green Pond Stuffer”,  the plan for the Green Pond Yacht Club, “GPYC”, was realized one day during a leisurely conversation between Harry and longtime friend, Kent Clarkson, II.  After careful thought and consideration, they decided that a yacht club was the perfect accompaniment to the marina and the overall property with its central location and outstanding water views.

Today, he is extremely proud that “GPYC” has been established with the utmost thought and consideration toward each and every detail and will be a first-class club for members to be proud of and enjoy for many years to come.  Harry truly believes this enhancement will take its rightful place among the many success stories and rich history of this deeply beloved property.